Denny Young Obituary, Resident Of Buckner, MO Has Died – Death

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Denny Young Obituary, Death – Saints, it is with a sorrowful heart that we convey that DeAun and Denny Young lost tragically following an automobile accident this past Wednesday. Although they reside in Buckner, MO, DeAun (Mike Stearman’s sister) grew up in Oklahoma and the Stearman family has been loved by so many in the OKMC over many years.
DeAun and Denny have been faithful servants in Community of Christ in Missouri for over 50 years and have loved going and engaging in community at Robbers Cave Reunion here in Oklahoma each year. We are aware that you have lately made the adjustment to a new way of life. We must now say our goodbyes to you with the knowledge that you will continue to keep watch over our travels while they are still taking place on this world.

Although I will never forget you since you were an incredible person, we must now do so with the assurance that you will do so. You have always stood out from the crowd due to the appealing personality you have and the giving spirit you have; those of us who had the opportunity to get to know you feel ourselves extremely fortunate to have had that opportunity; you now have God by your side.

During this trying time, I want you to know that you have my most heartfelt condolences and that you have my unflinching support. I am here for you in every way. No matter what happens, I will always be here for you. During this challenging time, it is my prayer that God would bestow upon you the virtues of bravery, strength, peace, and an overflowing supply of love. I ask these things because I know that you will need them. I will be praying that God hears and answers each and every one of your requests.

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